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I am Tabinda. 20, living in Pakistan. I am extremely obsessed with RDJ and I LOVE Avengers and Tom Hiddleston. You might also find Sherlock and Supernaturals on the monstrosity of a blog I have created. On my way to become a doctor. Don't follow me you might not like where I am going.
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Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston dressed as each other’s characters at a Breaking Bad cast party.

This is probably the best gif ever

oh my god

❝ Out of habit, she stopped by the bookshelf in the living room to see if there was a paperback that she could stuff into her pocket for emergencies — you never knew when you might need a book to entertain and comfort and distract you in the day’s empty places.

— Emily Croy Barker, The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic (via quoted-books)


everything is a competition unless I’m losing and then fuck off not everything has to be a competition asshole